Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Dear Familia,

I just wanted to write something quick this week since I will be talking to you soon! 

So this week on Wednesday we had the mission Christmas meeting at our ward in Geumjeong! It was super awesome! There were a lot of missionaries there! So every year the Gilberts pick a movie to watch that can be related to the gospel somehow and this year we got to watch the chronicles of Narnia - the lion the witch and the wardrobe! It was fun and weird to watch a movie! I've seen that movie so many times before but I never really realized how cheesy the jokes and how not very good the acting is in that movie...haha 

This Saturday was the ward Christmas party and that was pretty fun too! We were practicing for our skit that we would perform and an unfortunate event happened. One of the sister missionaries tripped on the electric piano chord and broke it. The power chord wouldn’t plug in meaning we couldn’t turn it on. We were all really scared we would get in trouble so we spent a bunch of time trying to find a place that could fix it.....long story short is that nothing was open on Saturday we realized miraculously that the piano took batteries and the night was saved.....bad news is that we still have to spend the time to get it fixed for real and probably have to pay too. But that shouldn’t be too expensive since we will split the cost 6 ways. The skit turned out awesome at night! I was the 'main actor' and I got lots of good jobs lol. It was just a narrated story so I didn’t do any talking;)

Love Elder Frampton

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