Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello family and all!

So my leg just seriously got the worst cramp ever while typing this email...ouch! I got the scriptures and the cards from you and Margo and Grandma Healy but none others yet.

So this week was nothing really special. Especially slow for us. Wednesday morning we didn’t hike a mountain but we went on a really high parking lot at a college and watched the first sunrise of the New Year with our ward and then did a ward prayer thing after and went to the church and ate some delicious soup! Haha it was really awesome to be able to do that with our ward. Apparently it’s like a tradition in Korea! Super good tradition. The sun seemed especially bright and warming that day too!

On Thursday we went on a scavenger hunt for a key to the baptismal font...another 8 year old was getting baptized and we needed to clean the font and turn on the water and then we find out there was no key around.....we had to contact the bishop and then track him down to get the key. He said he was at his teaching academy and then when we got there he said he went to teach his one class at Busan national university and then his phone died or didn’t work very well so we waited like 15 minutes for him to come when he eventually got our text ..So after 2 subway rides, a taxi ride and finding our way through a college campus we got the key and eventually cleaned the font and turned on the water.

Transfer calls are this week, either me or Elder Moon could go, probably not both and we doubt both we will stay. But we will see what happens on the Thursday! It should be a busy week though, we have lots of member visits scheduled and hopefully are able to meet some new people to teach. We will see how it goes. I’m really trying hard to not have fear and replace it with faith. It’s hard to make initial conversation though.

That’s it for this week! Sorry it’s short.


Elder Frampton

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