Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good Christmas! Also I hope the wedding went well too! Christmas didn't really feel like Christmas here. It was weird! I got grandma's letter that day when we went to the headquarters. No more packages yet or letters so I think that/hope that I get them this week at district meeting.

So this week Brother K. received the Holy Ghost at church! Awesome right! Also we got to meet his father at their house after church ended. I don't think they are really anything alike. But he was super nice to us and seemed happy that his son is happy. We also met the grandmother and aunt too.

So on Christmas we just met at headquarters, Oncheon ward building, and other people from the zones in Busan came and hung out. We played board games and Ping-Pong. Super relaxed day and fun.

On Thursday we went with an investigator to climb Geumjeong Mountain! It was super tiring because he moved so fast. I was the slowest one! We went with him and the other team in Geumjeong. The top was super awesome we could see the city down below. There will be pictures on my card when I send it home this week...we also went again today just us, the other team, and another set of elders from our district! It was much sunnier and more clear today so we could see the city better, it was a nice hike since we didn’t go at a billion miles an hour up the mountain haha. Super fun!

That's all I have for this week really..
Elder Frampton

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