Sunday, December 15, 2013



So about this past week.

We have an investigator that we share with the other Elders.  Last week we told him that we want to help him stop smoking (he wants to stop but it’s too hard for him to do) so we said that we would bring him cookies every day that he can use as a reminder to not smoke and replace smoking with.  So every day for the past week and every day for the next while I have been and will make cookies for him. Its super tiring and exhausting to use my meal times/night time to do this but I really want to help him. He has really been progressing lately! Like we found out he that he has been praying at home recently! Here was the real miracle, Saturday we asked him to come to church and we said we would call him in the morning to get him to come. Once we called him in the morning he said he could come just at 11 which is after sacrament meeting, we said that’s okay...he called once more after that right around 11 asking if he should come and he said he would....but he didn’t. Here’s where the miracle comes up, we were sitting in the missionary coordination meeting after church around 2:15ish and the other Elders got a call from him! He asked if he could still come and we said most definitely! Even though church was over it was totally fine. The other Elders gave him a tour of the church and then they talked for an hour and we came and talked for 30 more minutes! He asked to see the baptismal font 3 times.....we had talked about baptism earlier in the week and he definitely thought about it....he said no, not yet, not this month at least....he said he wasn’t ready for the commitment that baptism means, which is surprising because he truly understands what he would be getting himself into. Long story short, he came to church and it was a miracle and he is an awesome guy that just wants to find God but still has few things to fix in his life.

So the new missionary Elder Wunderli is 6 weeks behind me, 1 transfer. He knows a whole lot of vocabulary that it makes me seem like nothing....but rather than getting down about that I use it to lift myself up and push myself to work harder at learning the language. It’s just a reminder how I can do better. We are also trying to involve me more when we talk to investigators and’s still hard though.

The ward Christmas party will be coming up soon here and they want us as missionaries to do something. We choose to perform a short narrated story called "I am special" (I think that’s what it’s called in English). We are going to act it out as someone narrates. It should be super fun and spiritual too!

So every morning we have been getting out at 6:15 to go exercise at the nearby park! It’s sometimes cold but that’s okay. Exercise is good for me! I can do lots of pull-ups now;)

That’s really it for this week!

Elder Frampton

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