Monday, March 30, 2015


Hello, familia

So big news this week was meeting the referral. It wasn't just the parents that came but also the daughter. Here's the story. There is a lady in America (born in Korea raised in America) that went to Korea 7 years ago and became friends with the parents. She is a member. They kept in contact and the parents had a really good image of the church. Their daughter is 10 years old and somehow decided to send their daughter to live with the friend for 3 months and study English. While there they went to church together and the daughter took all the lessons and then came back a week and a half ago. She wants to be baptized and wants her parents to be baptized as well. So we met them on Tuesday to give a priesthood blessing to the father because he got surgery last week. It went really well, we answered a lot of their questions and such and they are very interested. As soon as the father recovers we will be able to start meeting with them! Super awesome miracle and shows the power of member missionary work! Oh at the end we invited them to pray as a family and as we were walking out I told the daughter to teach her parents how to pray. She had a big smile then grabbed one of the restoration pamphlets on the way out of the church. Super awesome! 

Another thing that happened this week was teaching about the restoration on the bus in English. The guy was 26 and really good at English, super good. He said he was really impressed by the message of the restoration. He said he wasn't really into religion but he still said that it was very impressive. That is because it is true! :D

Church was a lot better than last week. I think everyone was just more settled since everyone received a new calling the week before. Oh we met with our new ward mission leader for dinner at his house on Saturday and it went well. He is excited to work with us and get the work moving along. 

This week I gave a baptismal interview with one of the district member's investigators. Very scary because it was my first. It went well. 

It has been very warm recently so we are now allowed to take off our suit coats. Today is the first day without our suitcoats. It is very warm.

We were going to climb a mountain, well hike, but our member told us to go next week when the cherry blossoms will be in bloom so the hike will be better. We just chilled today, did some shopping, got a haircut. The haircut lady was nice....but at first she thought we were Islam...then when we said no she then asked if we were Christian. Kind of funny. 

Sunday night we had another opportunity to give a blessing this week to a sick member. It was a great opportunity to serve! 

For my birthday the dinner appointment we had got moved to this week on Wednesday so I didn't do anything special really for my birthday. But that's okay!

Have a wonderful Easter and general conference. Remember not to spoil any of the talks next week for me since I see it a week later ;)


Elder Frampton

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