Monday, March 30, 2015


Hello family,

With the new bishopric change 3 weeks ago there have been a lot of changes including all the locks in the church. They decided to not let
us have a clerk's office key where they used to let us do email so we are emailing from a sketch little community center so this will be a quick email just in case we end up getting kicked out, so if the email stops abruptly that is why...

Tuesday we met a past investigator that is Chinese and is doing grad school at a nearby college. Met with him in his lab and just talked about life and always about Christ. He understands the importance of Christ but not really about the need for the 'true' gospel and church. It was a good opportunity to meet a past investigator though. When we went there we didn't know how long the bus would take, we thought it would take an hour so we left super early beforehand just in case it took longer..But it only took 20 minutes so we ended up being at this college campus with not really anything to do or anywhere to go until the appointment. Just tried to get some students to talk to us in English. Didn't work too well...

On Thursday we met a member at the church and got to know him better and he is a really great member. We are trying to involve him in missionary work now and he is really willing to help if there is someone to meet and if he has time.

Friday we had an appointment with a referral from a member. 26 years old and the son of a past investigator. Didn't know anything beforehand about him so we didn't know how to prepare. He didn't have any questions beforehand either like the member said he might so the lesson was very dry but the Spirit was very present when we talked about Christ. We will be meeting him this week as well and he will probably come to English also.

On Friday afternoon we met this old kind of homeless looking guy that said he sees us a lot. He also said he passes by the church a lot...I then invited to give him a tour of the church but he said that tomorrow he has time. So we went back Saturday after English class around the time we said lets meet...he was there and when we walked up to him he said 'okay lets go look.' So obviously he remembered and was waiting for us...(we thought he might not have remembered because he smelled like alcohol the first time..). Well we showed him the church and introduced him to the bishop who was there cleaning and changing locks. The bishop asked the guy where he lived and the guy was just kind of quiet.....obviously homeless for sure at that point. Then the bishop asked if he had dinner yet....and the guy was quiet then the bishop gave him 10 bucks....we felt super bad about him having to give 10 bucks but he was the one who asked even though he probably knew the answer. Anyhow we then took the guy upstairs to the chapel and prayed with I’m and then he left. It was a good experience I think, I felt the spirit and even though he may have been a little drunk, I think he at least had a good experience.. Just an awkward situation though.

After a very rough day at church on Sunday we went proselyting on the street for a few hours with very little success. Talked to one guy that had shown lots of interest but then said he was too busy to meet. After being tired and almost time to turn back and go home we get a call from an office elder telling us he had a referral for us from Salt Lake South mission or something like that. This girl in that mission is getting baptized and she talked to her parents (who live in Korea) to take the lessons too and they want to listen! So we called the guy and he was super nice and happy and looked forward to meeting us. He is actually getting surgery this week I think (it as kind of noisy over the phone) but he says that he has to recover for about 3 weeks so sometime next month he said we can meet! So that was a huge miracle! :D so thankful we also got a call from a member right after asking us to come over on Wednesday for a meal (my birthday) so that was also a miracle!

Well got to go!
Have a good week!

Elder Frampton

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