Tuesday, March 10, 2015



Big news, I transferred. After being in Geojeong for 6 months it was sad to leave. I am in the Daegu zone again (last time I was here was when I was in Kyeongsan for 6 weeks...). This time I am in an area called Gumi. Ward here about 60 people attending every week. Train ride from Busan was 2 hours and I had a late meeting yesterday at 4 so we didn't get to Gumi until 8. My new companion is Elder Glover from Sandy, Utah.  Super fun! Super newish house, not as big as my last one but a lot newer so it is nice and cozy.

So I will start with yesterday. Monday. We helped a Goejeong member move in the morning so I actually missed transfer meeting. He moved to a supppper nice apartment 2 times the size of his old one and very new. Moving out of the old house we had to move up and down stairs many times so our legs were super tired. Moving in the new house was just riding an elevator and moving stuff short distances very easy. Took like 3 hours total to move. At the end they tried to give us both 50,000 won (50 dollars) and we tried to deny like 20 times but they were making us take it. When they didn't look we set it down on the counter.....when we were getting in the elevator to leave Elder Suttner had told their daughter that we set the money on the counter and the wife ran back and got it and threw it in the elevator and I threw it out then she threw it in then as the elevator doors closed I threw it out....they were kind of mad so I hope things are alright later. We were just trying to be obedient so I think things will be fine....

Last week after our district meeting in a different area we were planning with the sister missionaries for a program that we are doing and as we were planning 3 random people walked in. college students, 2 guys and 1 girl. They said they had some questions and wanted to hear what we thought about them. Bible/doctrine questions. For about 1 hour we talked with them about their questions and in the process taught about the restoration, plan of salvation, and gospel of Jesus Christ. I was the oldest missionary so I was actually doing a lot of the talking and understanding. One Korean sister but she is a new missionary and very shy. We all felt like real missionaries. Teaching the gospel, feeling and following the spirit. I didn't worry about Korean at all and could communicate everything I wanted to pretty easily. The whole experience was a miracle. Invited them to learn more and then prayed with them and they left. If they call the missionaries and meet again then maybe more will happen but it was a big testimony builder for me.

My last Sunday in Goejeong was also branch conference. Had the new stake presidency there. Their first official visit as new stake presidency. Pretty cool. Total had 50 people in attendance. Usually 36 attend. 6 visitors and 6 less actives. It was a miracle to see a lot of those less actives there because most of them hadn't come once the whole 6 months I was there until now. Very good sacrament meeting and other meetings. 

Saturday as a branch we cleaned the church, spring cleaning, and then watched How Rare a Possession video together and ate popcorn and lemonade.

Good last week and now a good start to a good first week in probably what will be my last area. It will be good:D

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Frampton

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