Monday, March 30, 2015


Really good week in a really good new area!

First we went and visited this potential investigator at his bamboo tea making shop...apparently the tea is very healthy. We thought it would taste bad, but it was pretty good...anyway. Really quiet nice guy 42. Met with missionaries nearly 20 years ago. Kind of awkward at first because I didn't know what to expect, he didn't really either. Kind of sat there in silence while he worked, I thought maybe we would be just going and teaching a lesson but it wasn't like that necessarily. Anyway after talking just about him for a little (he was still not very talkative) I just jumped right in and said we wanted to watch a video together. We watched the Because of Him video. It really invited the spirit and created the perfect environment for talking about the gospel. We talked about how Christ and his gospel can help his life and answer his questions (he said he had no questions...), his silence now was different than before. It was more of a pondering silence and I am certain he was feeling the spirit. I offered a Book of Mormon and invited to read and he took it. Last time Elder Glover and his last companion met him (which was the first time) he rejected a Book of Mormon but I think the spirit softened his heart this time. We asked if we could come back the next week and he said that it was fine so we will go back this week! I see a lot of potential in him!

Tuesday night I spent maybe 2 hours or so just calling all the members and introducing myself. I think they liked it and I hope it builds their trust in me. I won't meet them all until next week because this week was stake conference. For stake conference because our house area is far from the stake center, we slept over at another missionary’s house from Saturday to Sunday. Actually it was Elder Luke from the MTC, it was nice being with a familiar friend. Their house was gigantic.

We went to find a service activity one day and we went to this one community center...they didn't have anything so they gave us directions to a service center 40 minutes away (that is not a long distance) walk. We went there and the one lady said that her 10 year old son (now 20) 10 years ago did the English program with missionaries and this was the first time since then that she has seen us! So she is now a potential investigator because she wants to learn English and she likes our church. So when she calls us with a service activity for us maybe we will be able to meet her.

Friday we had district meeting in the biggest area in our mission. Took 3 hours by bus to get there...not a bus you can proselyte on either. They give assigned seats and you aren't allowed to move. So I read "The power of the everyday missionary". On the way there once we got into the area it was snowing!!! It was awesome! Got there and there was like 3 inches of snow on the ground (it is the northern most part of our mission). Anyhow we got to the church had our meeting then sticker boarded as a district as we waited for our to the bus terminal right at the time we wanted to take the bus but there were no more seats and then the next bus an hour later had only 2 seats which we let the other elders have since they live farther...then we waited for 1 more hour for the next bus and the bus ride took nearly 3 hours back...long day of bus riding and just lots of bad luck. I was able to finish the whole "Power of the everyday missionary" with all the bus riding we had to do. We probably won't go there for district meeting again...

One of the things I learned about this week is the importance of questions. Questions to investigators, members, and to myself. Especially to me, they unlock the doors to frequent revelation. It is harder than it seems but it is worth it :D

Well, have a wonderful week!
Elder Frampton

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