Monday, March 2, 2015



So the news for today is that this past Sunday we had stake conference and the stake president and his presidency were released and a new one was called. President Jo is the new stake president. He was the mission president's counselor before he was called. Elder Scott D. Whiting was there.

This week we met with Robert. It was really good because he and his mom brought his cousin along with. He is 17. Didn't become an investigator or anything but it was a really good experience for him I think because he had an opportunity to read from the Book of Mormon and feel the spirit. We were reading from the Book of Mormon together in English and the cousin was following along in Korean. Didn't really understand what we were saying really but I know he probably felt the spirit. Robert's mom translated a little as we spoke. He read along with us as we read. Maybe one day in the future he will have a desire to learn. We plan on talking to Robert's mom to work with him a little.

I went on exchanges to a different area again and we had an opportunity to help some guys move a piano down some steps. Good opportunity to serve! Also a lady from their service project bought us Krispy Kreme donuts and hot chocolate:D

Wednesday we went to the stake center and got to set up all the chairs for stake conference. It was a real work out. Us and another team of elders.

So we met this guy while proselyting. He had interest in English and we got his number. He texted us the following day and we set up an appointment for the next day.....we went to his house the next day and told him we were there. After 15 minutes of waiting for a text back we just left and started proselyting some more. He called maybe 50 minutes later and said he was out and that he will hurry back. By that time it was too late to meet him. He asked us what we would talk about when we talked about church and I talked to him for like 15 minutes about that. He said he was Buddhist but he didn't care if we talked about that stuff when we met so we set up and appointment the next day. That was the day I went on exchanges, so Elder Suttner, my companion, and the other Elder went to the appointment but he wasn't there again and didn't contact us close to investigator! We had prepared super hard for the appointment just for it to fall through 2 times:/ it's okay though.

A little short thought for you all.
Another word for forgiveness is love.

Have an excellent week!


Elder Frampton

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