Friday, February 27, 2015


Hello, Family,
I'm a happy to have this opportunity to email my wonderful family!

This week we had a zone conference with the President Barrow. Learned about some new things that we will be working on and new ways to work. They introduced a new referral program which we will be using online rather than just calling and receiving from mission headquarters. Nothing really special compared to the rest of the world I think, but it is one step closer to technology! haha Also just like the He is the Gift campaign the church did at Christmas in our mission we kind of started one for the Because of Him video. The mission made some cards and we are using those to proselyte and share about Jesus Christ. We got those Tuesday at zone conference and have been using them this week and have had a few good experiences to use them!

Thursday, the main day of the solar new year which is the holiday that just passed we went to a member's house for a meal with the sisters from our area and the other elders in a neighboring area. We had delicious food and we had the privilege of sharing a message so we took the opportunity to talk about the Because of Him video and gave them some cards. We watched video with them and then talked about things in their life that were possible because of Christ. The sister of the couple started to tear up. The spirit was super strong and it was a big testimony builder for all of us. She told us that she had given a pamphlet and shared her testimony with the apartment security guy and invited him to learn more. It was a huge testimony builder to me to know that our branch members, at least some, are trying to do missionary work. The branch every day at 8 pm stops what they are doing and prays for missionary work in the branch. Every week for the past 3 or 4 weeks the topic for sacrament meeting has been missionary work. I can feel the spirit more and more every week in church as they are trying to do the work of salvation.

On Wednesday while proselyting, well at night we met this guy from Seoul visiting his parents for the holiday. We were able to talk about Christ and share the video and talk about what the video says and how Christ has been the biggest blessing in our lives. He was really nice and looked very interested in the video and what we had to say. His mother was in the hospital because she was having some brain problems so we said we would pray for her and offered to help if they needed anything. As we were walking away he tried to give us money, he insisted and insisted, even put it in my hand (I wouldn't close my hand). He said give it to the church and we insisted that we were okay. Even taught about tithing sort of! haha He ended up just putting back in his wallet since we insisted that it was okay. Super good experience. He hasn't called us yet but hopefully he calls or just talks to the missionaries that he sees in Seoul because he says he sees a lot of them there.

Friday because of the holiday nobody came to English class except for this old guy in our branch. Didn't even mean to come to English class. He was just at the church studying something. Well we just talked with him, not in English but just in Korean. Good opportunity to get to know him better. Oh he said something very profound about marriage which I really liked. He actually said it in English which he isn't very good at so what he meant to say and what I heard at first were different. (Talking about his wife he was trying to say) "She is my wife"--------------what I heard and was very inspiring was "She is my life"

So last but not least. Yesterday while going to take the sacrament to the Sister in the hospital I saw this guy that I had met in Geumjeong. He was interested in religion and he was the one that was attending the super crazy church. Anyhow I saw him getting into his car and he was in a white shirt and was cleaned up real nice. I said Hello. At least it seems that he is attending something else then the crazy one he was attending in Geumjeong. Super quick that I saw him but it was a really good experience.

Good week.

Have a good week!
Elder Frampton

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