Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello everybody. This email is going to be short again because we ended up going to a beach and playing soccer today with some of the missionaries in the surrounding area as well as because I had some issues with recharging my travel card so it pushed back our plan about 40 minutes....

So my new area is awesome! I'm living in a 4 man house with Elder Moon, Elder Quist (the district leader and trainer) he is training Elder Baldwin who has been here for 1 transfer already so he’s in his second week of training. The house is super new, but it is supppppppper small. Two rooms enough to lay out 2 Yos in each room and have a small table in each room and some shelves...but yes very small. I have a feeling I'll get to know everyone really well over the next few months.

So I’m serving in a ward now with about 120 members and the biggest ward building in the mission. It's super nice! We even take off our shoes before going in (traditional Korean style ohh yeah.)

Elder Moon is super fun and knows some English, enough to always use English just in a very simple way. When he can’t explain what he wants to say in English, he will switch over to Korean and I usually understand. I think my Korean will improve a lot over the next transfer if I really push myself. He likes to work out in the morning so we go to a nearby park and I run or do pull-ups or sit-ups or jump rope. After we get back he usually lifts weights, he is super strong. He is a small little Korean shorter than me but super strong!!!

I've managed to do probably more teaching here than in Jeju because Elder Moon loves roleplaying every day because my teaching abilities aren’t that I hope to improve because of that and real lessons we will teach.

We have a few people we are working with, one kid around 11 brother Kim has been taught all the lessons before I came and he is just waiting to feel the spirit confirming that he should baptized. Another guy we met through English class, brother Pak, is willing to do the 30 30 program, 30 min English 30 gospel. We met him Saturday while street boarding (proselyting with a board talking about English class) then he came to English class that night and then he came to all 3 hours of church the next day! We think he has pretty good potential. He is 26 years old. And then the last guy we are working with we share with the other set of Elders. His name is brother Pak. he is one really odd guy but has gone through alot in his life. I think he loves talking with missionaries and not really interested in the gospel much but I think the spirit is slowly working on his heart. We will see what happens.

That’s about all the time I have for this week

Hope everything is going well at home!


Elder Frampton

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