Monday, December 9, 2013

10-21-13 (1st transfer, 2nd transfer date)

So big news! I got transferred....even bigger news, Elder Yun got transferred too! They whitewashed Jeju city and the old AP will go there and train!

My new area is somewhere in Busan called  ?? (I don’t know how I would spell it in English but I will try.....Gum Jung....but the "gum" part isn’t really how it sounds maybe I Geum Jung.....oh well) I just got to the area just now and went straight to emailing and I don’t really have much to say so I guess I’ll explain next week.....

My companion is another Korean thank goodness. His name is Elder Moon Hoon Jin, he only knows a little English so hopefully my Korean will be able to get better if we speak lots of Korean. I don’t really know anything about him yet either. He takes about 7 minutes to email so I feel bad if I make him wait for me so I will probably keep the emails somewhat short. This weeks is short just because I don’t have much to say.

I was sad to leave Jeju because I loved the members there. One sister told me that her son was really sad when he heard that I was leaving so I got a picture with him that I will send sometime in the future.

I know I am called to this area and the rest of my areas I will be in, for some reason that the Lord knows. I will strive to fulfill god's plan for me as Jesus Christ’s representative.

Oh almost forgot to tell about my trip to Busan last week. We went the night before and then went to a huge church building for the meeting.....and it turns out that that building is my new areas ward! So I will be serving there. Well the guy that came was the 70 that is the 2nd counselor over the north Asia area or something, elder Scott D. was a good experience. He discussed about having power to accompany our authority as missionaries...something all missionaries in our mission are striving to do.

Miss and love you guys

Elder Frampton

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