Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hello everybody!

I was trying to figure out what I would say in this email and couldn't think of too many exciting things......

The most exciting thing that happened this week was that I got a cold on Friday or maybe was really bad that first day and hasn't been bad since then but it is still here...only a runny nose and a tired throat. I bought one of those face masks from a pharmacy that I could wear when I was at home or at church. I don't wear it out in public because I don't want to scare people away;) too bad for them;) but I think a chance to hear the Gospel plus a cold is better than just a cold!

Lately we decided to visit all the members that probably don't get visited often so this week wanted to visit one of the older couples in our ward. They lived a 1 hour bus ride away (I had my cold at this point and it was a terrible ride but I slept a little). Only the brother was there so we had a good visit with him and he was appreciative that we took the time to go and visit him.

This week we had stake conference. We were invited to attend the adult session and they focused everything on the fact that the members and missionaries need to work together. The work of salvation is no longer just one or the others but both together. The main Sunday session was focused on the strengthening of the family. One thing they talked about that stood out to me was the need for families to pray together.

Yesterday we went and did some service with the bishop and some young men.....we went and helped at a less actives recycling plant was just a bunch of trash in piles and stuff but it was fun and cold! I never knew there were so many types of plastics. PP PD PET HDPE OTHER and more. haha just thought I mention about that!

Also I made cookies this week during my meal times and at night! I made cookies and then took them to members and less actives when we visited them! The first ones tasted super buttery....but the second ones I made were better because I made peanut butter so they tasted peanut buttery! haha

We are really trying to focus on finding new investigators or meet with potential ones that we have. Only two weeks left in this transfer! Time is flying!

Always remember this, if you look for miracles and blessings in your life, you will see them! There are always miracles and blessings from God, if you don’t think so at first, then all you have to do is look!

That's all for this week
Elder Frampton

P.S. When you think about sharing the gospel as sharing God's love instead it is a lot easier!

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