Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello everyone,

Two experiences I would like to share this week.

First. Wednesday we got lost in the middle of nowhere. Well not lost, I knew where we were, generally speaking. But we were in the middle of country in our area. Knocking on doors. Talked to 3 people briefly and testified of God and his love and his plan for us. No interest. Most of the houses had dogs 'guarding' their doors so we couldn't knock on them. Even at one point we were walking between fields. Very interesting time. It was also raining and we had no umbrellas. It was a good time since we got to testify 3 times.    Then later in the day after we had got back into the city and we were in a little mart. And this lady asked Elder Suttner in English if he needed help with anything. As we were leaving we saw they lady again and talked to her. She asked us if we were the church (she knew the old name of the church) and we said yes and she said she always wondered about our church. What we believed differently. So we pretty much were talking with her for 20 minutes in the cold outside a mart. Taught her all about the restoration and a living prophet. She believes that once Christ died and went away and gave us the Holy Ghost, comforter, we didn't need prophets anymore since we had the Comforter. Also she believed in the trinity. She said she believed that Joseph Smith was a good person but just couldn't believe he was a prophet. We introduced the Book of Mormon and testified that she can know if what we were saying was true but she wasn't interested. Just a nice, young, curious mother. It was a great experience! I could really feel the spirit's warmth inside me despite the fact that it was freeeeezing outside.

Friday night we had a wonderful surprise. We had finished planning and were getting ready for bed, I was in my pajamas. We heard a knock at the door.....we had no idea who it could be. I go and open the door and it was our neighbors! (These are the neighbors that we gave banana bread to a few weeks ago). They are a young family. The mother and young son came returning our plate with some rice cakes on it! It was their little baby's 100 day mark (the day babies turn a hundred days old is a big thing in Korea) so they brought it over for us :D It was awesome! There are so nice and it was very nice to do something like that. We are thinking about how we can share the gospel with them. It made me feel really good inside.  :D

This week the Branch President’s son came with us to take the sacrament again. He shared a small part of the lesson we prepared. We really are trying to work with him through service and example and feeling the spirit. 

Hope everything is going well back in America! Remember to always give thanks to our Father in Heaven!

Elder Frampton

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