Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello familia,
I am good, how are you?

So today was transfer day but it is the same here. I am still in the same area with Elder Suttner :D 

This last week flew by. Maybe only a few exciting things happened this week. 

The bulk of this week was going through records calling phone numbers. I probably called close to 200 phone numbers. Maybe 30 or 35 of those picked up. 30 being the wrong number and 5 the right number. The other 165ish were all no longer existing phone numbers or they didn't pick up. Takes a long time to call people because you have to wait a while for it to ring before giving up because people often don't answer the phone until 25 seconds of ringing and it can probably ring for a good minute or so before saying no one picks up. Don't want to be ending the call so quick just in case someone might pick up. 1 of the inactive members said he would be willing to meet this week so he told us to call this week. We'll see what happens. Another old English class member ended up coming to English class because we called. So at least there are some little fruits coming from these calls.

This week we also went and met a guy from 2 weeks ago that we met. He was an older man that owned a dry cleaners and likes English. We took our white shirts to get dry cleaned there. We were trying to find the place so we called and he told us where it was and we eventually found it. Super small cramped little place. Super nice guy, we talked with him for a little and then left. That was Wednesday. We then went again Friday to pick up our stuff and talk to him. As we were talking he said he wants to learn English again :D well practice more at least (he knows a lot and understands a lot) so we took that opportunity to jump in by explaining our English program. 30 minutes English, 30 minutes gospel. He said it sounds great but the only problem is he is really busy.(as we were talking like 4 people came to his shop in the 10 minutes we were there) We said that we can come and talk and he can just take care of things as they come. He told us to stop by anytime so this week we will surely stop by! :D

This Sunday we went with Branch president's son to take the sacrament to the two old ladies in their respective hospitals. It was our first week taking it to the one lady and having to get there by ourselves by bus. We almost got lost because I found the wrong thing on the map but luckily it was actually just a street over from where I had thought. 

This past week we were trying to work on listening to the spirit more and there were a few times that we felt to do something and nothing really came from it. I just think that we were being tested. Whether or not we would listen. I don't really know but we hope to be able to more readily heed the promptings of the spirit when most needed. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week and may the Lord bless you with more happiness in your life! 

Elder Frampton

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