Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hello all!

So I first have to tell you about the big letdown I had last Monday.....We were heading home to go pack so I could fly to Busan when we got a call saying that they got the tickets for the wrong day because they forgot I was in the group for the Wednesday meeting rather than the Tuesday meeting.....this means I wasn’t going that night anymore. Instead I was leaving Wednesday morning with Elder Yun (because president decided to let him come). It was still fun though! I got to see all of my friends from the MTC. We literally got there when the meeting had started and left right when it ended because we had a plane to catch.

So more about the guy that wandered into our church. We have met him 2 times since then. He is very active in religion so it is difficult trying to teach him the restored gospel principles as something new. He is very open to it but he leaves Jeju this Wednesday. We hope we can meet him once more tomorrow to teach him and ask him if we can refer him to missionaries in Taejon so he can have continued exposure to the gospel there until he comes back down here, which we still don’t know when that will be.

We also started meeting with this other guy that is a referral from the Seoul mission. He is 78 years old. He has beliefs similar to the gospels teachings but he doesn’t believe that Christ was resurrected and that we can live after death. He is actually trying to start a movement, I’m not sure what to call it, on the internet where he tries to spread his ideas about starting a new society that is based on good ideals similar to our church. He moved down to Jeju to do that, he's rich, so he bought a floor on a building and then rents it out. He is investing his money it seems into spreading this idea on the internet. He is very lonely it seems like so he is willing to meet with us often. I think if we can teach by the spirit then the spirit can cause some amazing change in him!

So this past week has been pretty rainy! It’s crazy, I've come home with the bottom of my pant legs super soaked for the past week. It is really hard trying to street contact in the rain, not because the rain is annoying but the fact that people aren’t really out as much as when it’s not raining and because of the fact that people don’t want to talk to us even more. One guy even used his umbrella to kind of block us when we tried to talk to him.

Last week, because the sister’s apartment has a lot more mosquitoes than ours, we gave them our chemical shooter thing that keeps mosquitoes away. Now we have more mosquitoes in our house. Luckily since I slept with socks, long pants, hoody and hood on I didn’t have a problem....until they starting eating my hands! I decided to wear socks on my hands to keep them away but the one night I fell asleep before putting the sock on my left hand (I was reading on my Yo with right hand already covered and I forgot to put the sock on my left hand...) I woke up with 9 mosquito bites on my left hand alone, along with 8 or so on my left arm because they will fly up the sleeve or suck through the cloth if they are smart enough. Which they were. But now they just get me through my clothing so I think I will try my mosquito net. It’s just terrible how annoying and itchy mosquito bites are.

So conference I don't get to watch this next weekend coming up because they wait to translate and then send the wards and branches across Korea the translated disc or something. But they will have both English and Korean playing in different rooms so I will be able to go on splits with a member so I can watch the English. I looked on to see who gave talks and it looks like it was a great conference! I can't wait.

Oh this past Saturday I got to go to a wedding Saturday! There was this couple in our ward that got married just recently. They did the temple marriage 2 weeks ago and then a regular one for all the friends and family. It was pretty odd, there were so many people! Apparently it’s just like all the parents’ friends and family and friends of family that got invited to this. But we ate some delicious food and talked to some interesting people.

That’s it for this week!


Elder Frampton


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