Sunday, November 17, 2013


This has been the longest week since I have gotten here!

So last Monday we got our two new missionaries in our district. Elder Hays has been out about a year and 8 months, he has okay Korean and is pretty outgoing. Sister Atwood has been out for one more transfer than me. Her Korean is okay too.
Monday night when we were out talking with people on the street I realized how fun it was to talk with people! I also realized that I could hold somewhat of a simple conversation and understand what they were saying and give simple responses back!
Just recently I have started to understand more and more. In church yesterday I was able to understand maybe 60 percent of Sunday school! I was so surprised! It is amazing to me how the Lord blesses me. One thing I really can testify of is the gift of tongues and interpretations. It says in the scriptures that we must ask for these gifts, and that is true. I realize that we have to ask and also try our best on our own before we are given them. I may not always have these gifts but the Lord blesses me with them every now and then. I think as my faith and trust in the Lord increases I will receive them more and more. Korean is still so difficult but it is getting easier every day.
Elder Yun also helped me buy 2 good Korean books that I can use to study grammar and conversation. They should really help.
As I have been out here and studying the scriptures everyday with the intent to learn and know the things that I need to teach better, I realize and am enjoying the blessings that come from the scriptures. They bring comfort into my life every time I read. Missionary work is very hard and very discouraging at times, and through prayer and scripture study you can be strengthened by the Lord.
Missionary here is still difficult. We have really no one to teach again because the people that we had found, their situations have changed and made it so they can’t really meet with us. I learn to trust the Lord and just keeping looking forward and looking for those people prepared for us.
So the weather this past week was hot again...not as hot as summer but still hot! It luckily is cooling down once again.

The only super exciting part about this week was that we went twice out to the country of Jeju/Korea. Literally country farmland. I like the country wayyy more than city I think. it’s just so peaceful and much more beautiful. Since Jeju is formed from a volcano, there is all the volcano rock that is found only there. A lot of the farmland has the walls made of volcano rock which is super neat. We were also pretty close to the ocean. The reason that we went out there was to go see a less active and a member.
Friday we had a lunch appointment and we went to this Japanese restaurant. I had sushi for the first time in my life and almost died. I put it in my mouth and chewed for about 3 minutes before I swallowed took me about 5 swallows to get it down because I could only swallow a little at a time and my throat just didn’t want to put it down. It was sooooo disgusting. Never again.

Then we had a dinner appointment last night and I ate some squid. That was rubbery and gross. I hate seafood.

That’s it for this week.

Elder Frampton

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