Sunday, November 17, 2013

9-9-13 (1st transfer date)

Okie dokie. So nothing to exciting this week, just my last week of my first transfer! done! Today starts the new transfer! Luckily I'm staying here in Jeju! Haha only two people from my district got transferred. One sister that had been here for her first 3 transfers and then 1 Elder in Seogwipo that was here for 6 months. The new missionaries fly in in a few hours so we get to go and meet them at the airport. Oh also Elder Yun is the new district leader this transfer since the missionary that left was the district leader.
So like I said last week Elder Yun had his military thing so I went to Seogwipo. On Tuesday we spent like 3 hours doing service for one of their investigators. We were pulling the vine weeds off of mandarin orange trees in one of his orchards. To make it even more fun it was raining a little! ahaha. It was actually pretty fun.
I went back to Jeju city, my area, on Wednesday night. It was nice to finally be back at "home" sleeping on my own yo! Um Thursday was our last district meeting: (it was sad since we knew people would be leaving (at this point we didn’t know who was leaving yet because calls came that night). We went to this one place afterwards for lunch and it was like all you can eat meat, but I got really full really quick so I didn’t even eat that much. Later that night we cleaned our apartment for 2 hours which was actually fun. I like cleaning!
So Thursday, Friday, and Saturday it rained a lot! The most since I had come here! It just rained and rained and rained.
So lessons are getting better. We have a few more people that we are going to meet for the first time and teach. It is a miracle and such a blessing that we are finding people. We aren’t really even finding. Most of them were put in our path and all we had to do was talk to them! We hope that they will show up to appointments that we make with them and that the spirit will touch their heart. I know through fasting, prayer, and faith all things are possible, and I have come to learn that so much more while here serving. I am trying my best to serve the Lord the best I can.

That’s it for this week.


Elder Frampton


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