Saturday, June 29, 2013


What an exciting week this was! So much to tell about so I hope I can remember everything.

Let’s see.....last Friday started the new mission presidents training on campus so they shut down the cafeteria and upped security around the main building where the mission presidents and general authorities would be. We ate meals in the gym from Friday night through Wednesday night. Since we ate in the gym that means we weren’t allowed to use the gym, so most people went to the field. I sometimes went to the field and sometimes went to the upper track in the gym to run because we could still use that. Saturday was a pretty much normal day.

Sunday was super crazy! Everything was different because of the broadcast that night. First we had a combined priesthood meeting in the gym, I fell asleep for 2 of the 3 talks. For sacrament meeting, there were two sessions of sacrament meeting. If we were in choir, which I was, we went to the 11:15 sacrament meeting. It was half the MTC! Both the bread and water took like 12 minutes each!!! There was probably like 32ish people passing the sacrament, surprisingly they got it to everyone the first try because no one raised their hands when the person conducting asked if everyone got it. After that we had a sack lunch outside. We then left for the Marriott center at 12:45 ish. Everyone was bunched around the gate so when they opened it they could get out. I went with another set of missionaries in my zone that sang tenors so I would have to someone to stick with since none of the people in my district sang tenor. we were pretty close to the front of the gate when they opened it.......but by the time we got to the Marriott, after waiting 30 minutes to get in....I was put to the sides because the middles were already filled up.........even though we were close to the front of the gate almost everyone ran/jogged over just so they could get a good was kind of rude and not missionary like of them to do. We started practicing around 1:45ish. Although dad you couldn’t find me, I was on the screen! It was about for 3 seconds on a somewhat zoomed out shot, but you can see me. It is at around 3:05 to 3:08, top right corner of the screen standing to the left of a tall elder. I’m in my glasses and light blue tie. I really liked the whole broadcast, overall I felt a very strong spirit the whole time. So you need to try to do more member missionary work!

Monday went by super quick, on Tuesday I woke up thinking it was Monday....Tuesday on the other hand was better.

In class now we are being taught a bunch of stuff that is very useful and I enjoy learning. Brother Sung, my teacher, says that we will be finishing up the whole "MTC curriculum" tomorrow, so we will be learning extra stuff that he thinks will be helpful. Teaching investigators is getting better because we can say non scripted stuff, and understand questions they ask and we can somewhat answer them.

Tuesday night devotional was awesome. First I will talk about choir......compared to the like 1400 people we had sing Sunday, only 500ish of those are devoted choir singers;) it was so little compared to Sundays. The speaker at the devotional was Janice Kapp Perry, she shared lots of awesome things and lots of awesome music. We sang a medley of primary missionary songs and she sang some stuff she wrote. It was so fun and awesome.

The past few days have been blazing hot, we would walk outside and it would just be like walking into an oven compared to the nice air conditioning we have in the buildings. Elder Pickard and another elder from our district went and did hosting for new missionaries so I went on an "exchange" with Elder Luke for a few hours. He is the district leader currently so I got to go pick up the mail with him. 

During the night session of class, our teacher’s Brother Sung and Brother Campbell team taught for an hour. It was the best thing ever because they are both such pro teachers, probably two of the best teachers out of all the districts in our zone. Brother Campbell has been off his mission for 6 months now. Brother Sung says his Korean is very very good.

Thursday was eventful because it was the first day we were back in the gym and the cafeteria.

That’s it for now

Elder Frampton

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