Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hello from the MTC, home of the sick

I say home of the sick because we have preventative measures thing going on because there is a virus going around. (Our branch presidency said it was an intestinal virus but the MTC news stuff just says it’s a virus). No hand shaking or anything until further notice.  Hopefully I will not get it. This past week I just got over a really bad cough, so I’m finally feeling good again!

So over the next few days they are doing New Mission President training here at the MTC, so they pretty much closed off the main building, which includes the cafeteria, to all missionaries. For the next few days we will be eating sack lunches or something outside or in the gym. They haven’t explained it very well. Also they have all this electrical stuff in the one hall way so I think they are maybe closing it off to get ready for the broadcast. 

Well I’m excited for this Sunday regardless because I get to sing to all the apostles and first presidency during the broadcast. Much better than just being a normal missionary that is there;)
So for our lessons, we probably teach 2 times a week, 2 different investigators (our teachers act as the investigators). It is amazing how they act like totally different people and how believable they are. Well I’ve slowly been learning to listen to the spirit for things to say. Although we have a script that we follow, we know enough of the language to be able to just talk things that we want to say (only kind of, I can say that I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God, or if we pray with a sincere heart, we will receive answers) it’s a good thing the spirit helps us because without out it we sound like 3 year olds teaching the gospel. The hardest thing we have learned so far was the counting....they use both Chinese numbers and Korean numbers based on what the use of the numbers is, like Chinese is references like scriptures and minutes....while if you are counting or saying the hours as part of the time it is Korean.

Last Sunday’s devotional was very different but awesome. It was by Stephen B. Allen. He was the Tempe mission president at some point. He used to be a media person for the church, doing commercials and stuff so he taught in his devotional by using old church commercials and then would apply them to us.

The new missionaries going to Korea came Wednesday; there are 5 Sisters and 5 Elders all going to Seoul South Mission. Also in my hall there are 6 Elders out of a total of like 26 missionaries that are leaving Tuesday for...............PHILADELPHIA! Just thought I'd let you know.
Guess that’s it for this week. Until next week..

Love Elder Frampton

My District

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