Saturday, June 15, 2013


So much to tell about the past week but I don’t remember anything except for stuff I learn in class. The days feel so long but the week flew by. We are in the classroom for a very long time. We have to study in there and we have like 4 hours of studying a day along with the other 6 hours of classroom time. We are allowed to study outside during study time but I and Elder Pickard like to stay inside because pretty much everyone else leaves. Saturday exercise time we decided to make district sport time. So last Saturday we played 4 square, all 8 Elders and 4 sisters played along with 2 sisters that weren’t in our district. It’s a lot of fun. We exercise 5 times a week, 4 times in the gym or on the field then one like by ourselves in our room or just outside. I usually do running inside or stationary biking as well as some weights. We get 50 minutes for our exercise time. I am learning to use all that time to exercise because I will need it.

So I don’t think we will be moving anywhere, we will be sticking to 6 guys in our room, but I am getting used to it. All the Elders except one, Elder Killpack, sleep fine. Apparently I snore so my snoring plus his lack of ability to fall asleep makes it hard for him to fall asleep. I sleep okay - I still will wake up once or twice during the night. The past few days my throat has been hurting but it is getting better. Last night my eyes were killing me to the point that it was almost impossible to focus for the last 1.5 hours of class.

Up to this point in class we have taught 5 lessons in Korean. It still consists of us reading a script and trying our best to understand what the investigator says, but the reading is a little faster and we are becoming more familiar with words and sentences that we can sometimes make our own sentences and say them. It’s still really hard to understand what our investigator says. We catch maybe 7 or 8 words and that’s about it. The learning of the language is going better, like I said we are learning grammar forms and vocab. we have one of the best teachers really. I don’t know if I said before but his name is brother Sung. He is Korean but lived most his life in the US, he spent summers in Korea and went on his mission to the Seoul west mission, which technically doesn’t exist anymore but the Seoul south mission is pretty much the same thing.

Oh last Friday the temple was very good. It’s like the extra boost we need to get us through the week. We have lots of devotionals and meetings and they are all suppppppper good. We had mission conference on Sunday rather than Sunday school and priesthood and one of the MTC counselors gave an awesome talk about preach my gospel and how it came to be. It was a super awesome talk that probably was a once in a life time talk. Then we had a devotional that night by a guy named Ted Gibbons. His devotional was pretty much him acting out the life of Willard Richards. He was a guy in the time of Joseph Smith. His story in the gospel and all. It was super good. Then Tuesday devotional was Elder Callister from the 70. He talked about how the bible has the "blueprint" for the church. It was very interesting and physical proof of the church being true. On Wednesday the record amount of missionaries entered the MTC, 200 more than came in with me, so 950 new missionaries. I’m not sure if they are all here or at wyview/raintree. But that’s a lot of missionaries.

The Korean natives came on Tuesday and they are all super nice.  Brother Sung with every class instruction will give us a cultural tidbit. Like Korean fan death, Koreans won’t sleep with a fan on at night when the windows and doors are closed. That it is very busy there and people dress formally when going out. They have good cheap tailored suits there too, it would cost the same amount to get a decently good tailored suit as it did to get my suit here. And he said that usually Elders will lose weight while there because the food is so healthy, so I hope it’s true for me. He said sisters usually gain a little weight, so stinks for them;) around the time that we get to Korea, it will be monsoon season, so it will rain a lot.

My name badge name part is in English and the church part is in Korean. We will get name badges that will have our name in Korean closer to the time that we leave, like one week before.

That’s it this week

Elder Frampton

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