Saturday, June 15, 2013


So this week was pretty good. Walking up to the temple every Friday for a session and then on Sunday for just a walk is always super hot because we are in our suits.

The days feel so long but the weeks go by so quick. So I’ll be out of here in no time;) except for the language I feel ready to leave. There are 2 districts I think that are heading out Monday, that is so exciting! I can’t wait till that is our gigantic group! Korean is simple but hard, it is a little like math with formulas and all. It’s a lot easier that Spanish conjugation wise (for verbs) because all verbs pretty much use same conjugation. But you conjugate the verb or noun for everything, like to say because and for and in order to, etc. so much to memorize. I’m good with remembering grammar forms but terrible with learning vocabulary. I’ve lost count of how many lessons we have taught up to this point, it’s probably around 8. We are to the point where we teach 2 or 3 a week, but they turn out to be like 30 minute lessons each. I and Elder Pickard started at the end of last week writing our script in English and then putting the Korean together on the spot during the lesson. It really helps with learning and practicing. We usually put the vocab we don’t know but need to the side of the paper so we can refer to it when needed.

So every week we have a devotional on Tuesday nights, and up until this past Tuesday it has been in one of the buildings on campus and then played on screen in other buildings since they can’t fit everyone. On Tuesday for the first time ever and from now on I think, they are holding it in the Marriott center, so we get to leave campus and horde over to the Marriott center. People have related it to the marching of the stripling warriors because it’s just a long mob of people walking across the street to it. 

What’s cool is that I am in the choir!  I went the first two times to choir when I was here and there were about 600 people there. Then they announced that we would be singing at worldwide training broadcast on the 23rd!! they said they need about 1200 people, so people who showed up to the first practice on campus are allowed to sing in it. On Tuesday when we practiced and sang for devotional in the Marriott center, there were 1800 people that showed up!!!! The director said the first presidency only wanted like 1200 people so the new people aren’t supposed to do it. He said he would try to get permission for more but he doesn’t think we will because we are going to be singing with another choir of 1100 members. So make sure you are watching on the 23rd for me. Hopefully I’ll get in because its only people in choir that are allowed to go I think.

My favorite part of the week is Tuesday devotional and then afterwards we discuss with our district what we learned and felt in the devotional. They always invite realllllly good speakers that always bring a super strong spirit with their message. Hearing others thoughts and testimonies brings the spirit so strongly. I love it.

Every week for sacrament meeting we have to have prepared a talk in Korean, and then they pick two people randomly to give them. Luckily I didn’t get picked this past Sunday.

A cool story our teacher brother Sung told us. He said there were people in his mission that passed by a drunk homeless guy that was asleep and left a book of Mormon on him for when he woke up. They had written their number in it (they didn’t expect him to actually call). He ended up calling and eventually getting baptized and is now married with a family and job and is the bishop of his ward. It is amazing how the gospel blesses lives!

The Lord loves us, always remember that, he is just a prayer away.

Elder Frampton

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