Saturday, January 17, 2015


Hello everybody! 

So last week on P-day we went ice skating, I totally forgot to mention it in my email last week. We went as a zone and we went to the world's biggest department store. The store had a small ice rink in it. It was pretty fun. There were so many tiny kids there....weren't allowed to go fast or backwards or anything but it was still very fun! 

On Monday night we decided to knock doors for 3 hours...we ended up in this little area, super dark, felt like we had gone back in time like 40 years. That's the kind of doors we were knocking on..No luck. We went back down this little tiny road above a house and my companion turned a corner and then a dog started barking and we turned and booked it back.  That is the closest to a good dog story that I have so far.

The last door of the night was a house. Houses in Korea are usually surrounded by a big fence and you have to ring in and they open the gate door. We ringed and they let us in....big surprise, we were caught off guard. We knocked on the door and the lady that answered was confused, she probably thought we were there kid coming home from school or she said she was busy and sent us on our way. We were smart and left a plan of salvation pamphlet and testified about eternal families and then left. Not bad. 

Tuesday we were waiting to go to our service project and were walking around for a while and met this 20 year old girl on the street that was fluent in English. She lived in South Africa for most of her life and could speak English, Korean, Afrikaans, and a little German too. The rest she was fluent in. She could do a bunch of English accents too, American, British, New Zealand, Australian. It was really surprising. Super weird experience though because her sister that was there was recording us the whole time on the phone. Just talked about church and school and stuff. Pretty much she remembered that she heard our church was a cult and we left.
Later that day we went to visit a less active member that we never had met. He was baptized like 1.5 years ago and I had only seen a picture of him before. Pretty much we found the house, which was a store, and saw the active wife. There was this old guy leaving when we were going into the store, little did we know that it was him...he looked different compared to the picture I saw. 

Wednesday we met the investigator that is going into the military this week. It was good. Talked about the Book of Mormon and prayer. Felt the spirit the whole time while teaching so even though our Korean isn't the best I know that the spirit makes up for the rest. 

Thursday morning was hard. Got up at 4:30 to go watch the sunrise...little did we know it didn't rise until 7:30....our branch was meeting at 6 for some reason. It was suppppper cold. First day I have worn my winter coat since 2013 December. It was great, we got our other investigator to come with us and we had a good time with him being really cold ;) Ate some delicious soup. Oh we went to this beach near our area and there were lots of people that went there actually. Sunrise was so beautiful! Prayed together as a branch and sang a hymn then watched the sunrise and left. Wasn't too tired the rest of the day. 

Sunday was a good Sunday. Got one of the young men, well no longer a young man because of the New Year, to come with us to give the sacrament to the sister in the hospital that we visit every week. He also received the calling of young men's president yesterday as well since we didn't have one. Good experience. 

Things have been going a lot better here I would say. Time actually moving kind of slow! Weird since usually it moves so fast! 

That's it for this week! Don't forget to pray! 

Love, Elder Frampton  

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