Saturday, January 17, 2015



So this was a good week, went by very fast!

I'll start with church yesterday. We had 11 visitors, 3 different families. The good part about yesterday church was that 5 less actives were there! It was great! One young man was ordained a teacher last week and we are trying to get him to help with sacrament stuff. It'll take a while to get him to though because he is kind of really shy so we are encouraging him little by little. At night we went to a member's house for dinner. We were able to find out a lot about them. The lady is from China but is Korean. Back in the day a little part above North Korea (currently china) was part of Korea but when Korea got split that part became China. Anyhow she is from there and can speak Chinese too. The husband is Korean but got baptized in Tokyo, Japan. Really nice family.

So this week we spent a lot of time looking for less active members. We were able to meet a few and give them some banana bread we made. We did lots of walking. Especially we went to the south part of our area and there are lots of hills in that part. Elder Suttner's leg got hurt somehow. Just strained something he thinks. It's been hurting to walk for him. We went there on Wednesday so it has been hurting for a while. 2 of the kids we visited that day came with their Mom on Sunday so that was great! 

In English class we had 4 different people than usual there. 1 lady was someone that stopped Elder Suttner and I on the street wondering if we taught English. Super good that she actually came! Seems like she will continue to come! The other 3 people were people that used to attend back in the day. 2 of them texted us and asked if we still had English class. The other person was someone that we just called in our phone and told them about English class and they came again.

Yesterday in church we were able to get appointments to either visit members or just to meet at the church. It was super good! We will be a little busy this week then!

We also decided to make some English class flyers with tear-off numbers and we are putting them on the free announcement boards throughout the city as we pass by. We've passed by a few for a second time and nobody has taken any yet but maybe soon! I think something will come from it!

Last Monday we gave some banana bread to our one neighbor. They are a young family so we wanted to do something for them. Start softening their heart so they will accept our message someday;)

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Frampton

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