Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Helllllo family:

This week seriously flew by sooo fast. So much happened but it still was just so fast.
So let’s start with Tuesday, Elder Yun, because he already served his military service, had to go to a review thingy just in case war breaks out type of thing. Like he learned where he would have to go and what to do and where to get weapons and such. While he did that, the Seogwipo elders (southern island elders) came up and spent study time with me while Elder Yun was gone. That was interesting since it was different than usual.

So on Wednesday at night we called the boy’s mother to see if we could get permission for him to be baptized. She gave the permission! We were so happy, it truly was a miracle from the Lord. I will talk about the baptism later on. 
Wednesday I think was the first night that it rained in a while. It really hasn't rained much this year they say so it has been a "drought". But these past few nights and a little during the day it has rained. On Saturday night it was raining really hard, enough to wake me up. Between that and the heat, Saturday night was one of the worst nights I have had in a while. I woke up many times then couldn’t get back to sleep. Also, my fan had turned off in the middle of the night and I had no idea because I could not hear that it was running because of the rain. One of the times that I woke up because I was hot, I decided to check it.....it was off! I turned it on and got a little better sleep.
According to what people tell us, there is supposed to be a typhoon this week! It’s pretty exciting I think! The weather is pretty nice today (Monday). Not too hot and sunny and not very humid. It’s very nice weather compared to what we've had.

So Thursday we actually had two meal appointments! One was with one of my favorite families in our branch; they are super nice and have 3 kids. The brother is also in the district presidency. We had lunch with them, then for dinner we had lunch with a sister and her daughter. With us, because we needed another male with us, was a guy who had just returned from his mission about 1.5 months ago in Seoul. Both super good meals, the sister gave us some really good meat to take home and we ate that yesterday. Meals in Korea are either meat prepared a certain way and vegetables and rice, noodles with vegetables, or just vegetables. It is all really good though. Also like every restaurant or meal at a members home always has little side dishes of like kimchi, radishes, onions, peppers, and this little sauce that you can dip it in. Some kimchi I like, some I don't but it just takes some getting used to before you like it.
So Saturday was the best day so far here in Korea. President and Sister Gilbert came Friday to Jeju because on Saturday we had interviews! It was so awesome. It lasted for around 3.5 hours. So there are 6 of us in our district, so that’s 6 interviews. The interviews are 15 minutes each. So when we weren't the one being interviewed by President Gilbert, Sister Gilbert was holding a discussion in a different room with us. The theme for this transfer was "walking with Christ" so we discussed things about that. We talked about how we must walk with Christ and what would be holding us back is the natural man. She taught how we must overcome that natural man within ourselves, giving up it, in order to walk with Christ. I enjoyed every second of the discussion. Sister Gilbert knows the scriptures and gospel so well. She loves every one of her missionaries (us). They are literally the best mission presidents anywhere, no doubt about it. They have the highest expectations of us because they know that only the best missionaries are sent to the Korea Busan mission. Sister Gilbert should seriously be called as general relief society president or something.
After interviews we had the baptism! I will send a picture. Elder Yun was asked to baptize him. It was so amazing! We had asked his mother to come to the baptism, and she came! It was so wonderful; I know she felt the spirit. Oh since the Gilberts were there for interviews they were able to come to the baptism! It was just amazing and perfect. On Sunday he was confirmed and given the holy ghost and I was able to help with that, he had asked Elder Yun to give the blessing as well. It was just awesome.

Sunday night we had a thing in Seogwipo so we got a ride there. Because it has rained lately and it is still pretty hot, on the ride back there was really bad fog. We could see maybe 10 feet in front of us and the brother that was driving was pretty much relying on the line that is in the middle of the road. To get between Jeju city and Seogwipo (I think I spell it different every time.) we have to go through/around Halla mountain the tallest mountain in Korea, the roads are super windy, so because of this, the fog experience was even more scary.
Well Korean still is hard, I still don’t really understand much and can’t say much. Since we don’t have lessons ever it’s hard to practice, so President Gilbert suggested setting appointments with members to practice teaching for like 10 minutes. I think we will try that and hopefully it’ll get better eventually. I only have 2 more weeks left in my first transfer....time is flying by.
I hope all is well at home, I miss you all.


Elder Frampton

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