Tuesday, August 13, 2013

12 Aug 2013

Hello Family!

I will start by answering questions that you all had.

I’m in Jeju for as long as president wants to keep me here. Could be 6 weeks and I finish the last 6 weeks of being trained somewhere else with someone else. or I could be here for 4 transfers, who knows. Both sisters here are on their 3rd transfer, so right out of being trained. One got trained here, the other is a Korean and came here. That could happen to me I guess. Our district leader, Elder Kim Ji Gyo is on his 5th transfer here I think. I came here as part of transfers.
We take the bus or walk. No bikes no trains or subways here in Jeju.
Our apartment is in a big apartment complex on the 4th floor, and we have to walk up the stairs every day.
We get our food from a little mart next to our apartment that we pass by every day. or any other mart in the city. There are 7-elevens all over the place along with other bakeries and marts called CU.
We are about 30-35 minute walking distance from the church, 10-15 when we take the bus. We have a branch here, and the building is a building and not a church building, so it might have been converted....I’m not sure though. There about 60ish members that attend each week.
We have had like 2 meals with people in the past week or so, it is usually for lunch and not dinner.
We use the computers in like the clerk’s office or something (I’m not sure what it is) for emailing. Apparently before I came they went to like a big information building 10 minutes from where we live to email, but it is under construction.
Last Pday after emailing I went to apply for my alien registration card at the immigration office. Then as a district we went to the Manjanggul lava caves. It was at least 30 degrees cooler down there and it felt super nice since it was probably in the 80s and humid outside...it was really awesome to see.
So missionary work here like I said is really slow. We had like 2 "lessons" this week. One was with a boy who is like 14 and has been meeting with missionaries for a few months. We actually set a date for his baptism on Sunday and we really hope it can happen. The problem that has existed in the past is that his mother won’t let him be baptized, but her heart has slowly become softened so we really hope she gives permission. Elder Yun wrote her a letter before and then wrote another Sunday morning for the mother in hope that she will give permission. I'm pretty sure that she will:) I'm slowly learning more Korean.
I still understand close to nothing. it’s hard to know what to focus on learning. I can put together sentences but it is really slow. Most people I talk to on the street end up being really nice and understanding so they usually accept a pamphlet from me. We can't really find anyone to teach yet, but there are a few people that we have talked to that might have some interest, so we will see where that goes when we contact them back. 
It was sooo hot this week, so difficult to be outside walking around. I just drip sweat....its so gross. The nights are a little better temperature wise, especially with the fans. But during the day when we are in our apartment, we just die!
For food, whenever we eat out or eat at a members house it is usually Korean food...when I’m at home its mostly been bread and jam, and cereal......I really need to figure out something more to eat at home other than that. I really thought I gained weight since I have gotten here but I weighed myself and I hadn’t......since the scale was in KG. I asked Elder Yun what he thought that was in pounds and he said that it was 6 pounds more than I what I had been when I left the MTC.....thankfully he was wrong. I converted it on our phone and I have been the same weight! 
That’s really it for this week, it’s hard to remember stuff, and know what to say because the days just blend and it is just repetitive.

Elder Frampton

 My new district picking me up at the Jeju airport.

My district's last temple walk at the MTC

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