Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello family,

So thinking about my past week one thing I just noticed is the blessings of fasting. This past Sunday I fasted and prayed that I would have an easier time with Korean. Looking back on the week I realize my greater success than normal has come from that as well as my extra effort. Also I just want to testify that the gift of tongues is a real thing. Many people believe it to be some miraculous thing where out of nowhere you can speak the language perfectly, but I have seen it in my life as being able to learn Korean at this fast pace as well being able to have a strong spirit when teaching even though the language we use is not 100 percent correct. God does love us and he supports me every single day.

Along with that, we are supposed to "SYL", or speak your language, every day as much as possible. Brother Sung, my teacher, explained that SYL was an act of faith and our way of showing Heavenly Father that we honor and have faith that we will help. I have been striving to do this a lot lately and it really is the thing the shows how much I have progressed. I can't believe how much I can say after 6.5 weeks as well as how much I can’t say. So it really shows what I need to improve on. 

My week has been a pretty average week otherwise. One group of like 5 missionaries left on Tuesday morning for Korea Seoul south mission. Then on Wednesday a group of 21 missionaries came into the MTC. So we are now the oldest group! I feel so old compared to them. Some of the new people sound nice, but some of them seem very cocky, but they will be forced to be humble once they get into the language more....

There really isn't much more to tell this week, but I’ll go and answer the other emails you guys sent me.

Love and miss you,
Elder Frampton

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